UFC 249 online video streaming is a coming thing. It’s time to watch UFC 249 free online streaming without cable TV, isn’t it? We’re going to help you watch Justin Gaethje vs Ferguson fight online without a TV from anywhere. Lightweight UFC champion Justin Gaethje will challenge former UFC interim champion, Tony Ferguson, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on April 18, 2020. UFC 249 Justin Gaethyevs. Ferguson is one of the best fights to be waged. So, get ready to experience the UFC 249 live stream, we’re going to show you the easiest and shortest live streams. Many of you are the craziest UFC fight fan, you’re in the right spot, what you’re asking for, we’re going to give you all the information you want. UFC 249 Fights Final Fight Championship set for April 18, 2020, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Main Event Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje

UFC has announced that an interim lightweight title fight between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje will be dubbed UFC 249 on April 18 at an unveiled venue. Ferguson vs. Gaethje provides his own intrigue, as the fighters must contest an interim lightweight belt. Ferguson has twice been an interim lightweight champion, but Gaethje has never been on UFC hardware. Ferguson has not suffered a loss since May 2012, going 12-0 at the moment. Gaethje boasts a winning streak of his own, having won three straight fights despite suffering back-to-back losses.  Gaethje and  Ferguson each blocked Donald Cerrone for three months — in June and Sept 2019—as their final bid.

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Justin Gaethje

He’s an MMA fighter known for his high octane performance and his ability to be trained. Ex two-time Arizona State Champion In high school and group 1 in all American college wrestlers. Former World Series Lightweight King, who had successfully defended his belt five times before deciding to join the UFC. Gaethje was previously immediately suspended by the Colorado Athletic Commission for the backflip off the top of the cage in the post-fighting celebration, but the suspension was lifted a day later. Gaethje went 17-0 before making his UFC debut in the last fighter redemption against Michael Johnson. The ultimate fighter of salvation. Gaethje won the fight with the TKO in round two with the punches and the knees. He won both a night fight and a night bonus. Gaethje was the next mentor in the final 26th season versus Eddie Alvarez, all of whom were scheduled to compete at UFC 218 during the season. Gaethje missed an exciting ride over his knee in round three. It was the first defeat of his career, and he received the TKO battle of honors in round 4. Gaethje won his third consecutive night of honors in this fight. His second fight was in the 135 UFC night fight against James Vick. In round one, he won the KO fight with a punch. Gaethje earned the night’s game, suggesting his fifth consecutive bonus award in just four UFC fights. Gaethje is expected to face Edson Barboza at ESPN2 at UFC on 30 March 2019.

Tony Ferguson

Former UFC Midweight Champion, he won the 13th Ultimate Fighter season. The 35-year-old soccer sensation from Santa Barbara, California, is official No. Ferguson, known as Al-Kukuy, captured the 12-game winning streak, the longest in UFC’s lightweight history. Along with Nurmagmedov, he is considered to be one of the best lightweights in UFC history. Along with Nurmagmedov, Ferguson is considered one of the greatest lightweights in UFC history to have been a long-standing NCWA world champion with two national titles. He is also a former world champion and twentieth UFC winner of the post-war period. Ferguson, Ferguson, recognized as Al-Kukuy, is 6-0 tall and 761⁄2 inches long and incompatible with traditional positions.

He scored 25-and he spent 12 knockout games and 8 wins.

Since the 2012 Michael Johnson Consensus, he hasn’t lost a single match.

Ferguson has completed nine of his last 12 penalty games, winning six.

He won the lightweight mid- championship by stabbing Kevin Lee in 2017, but was injured.

Wining possibilities

It’s a really exciting fight. We saw Tony dominate the UFC during his stay, but Justin did the same thing in the previous fight. Justin has an edge in terms of development and reach, and if he can continue, he’s going to have an edge over Tony because Tony is the best striker. But, it’s almost difficult to battle Justin because the Eagles are such a dominant fighter that they battle anytime they want. It would also be fascinating to drive Tony back because Al-Justin is trying to put him back because even if anyone is on top of him, he’s going to demand loyalty. Tony usually places pressure on his opponents, but Justin is a good player, so he has a solid defense in the middle as well. If Tony were to fight, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, because Justin could make the smallest error. I find the market is between 50 and 50. If Tony can defeat Justin in five rounds, he’s going to win the fight. But if he tries to test his improved batting ability, he’ll drop money, or he’ll eventually be beaten by Justin’s best hitter. Given the costs of betting right now, I’m happy with Justin in the 50-50 tie.

Last Words

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